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Recreational Archery


Improve focus and relief stress


Challenging & Fun

Fellowship with

Family bonding and Business Networking

Company tournaments and events

What is 3D Archery ?

3D Archery is a subset of field archery focusing on a hunting life style model of game. As in hunting animal targets are placed all over the range. The goal is to achieve the highest score according to the international 3D Archery Community.

Health benefit of 3D Archery

1) Improve focus, ability to remain focus during the shoot.
2) Improve Eye and Hand coordination. Archery train your hands to aim based on the feedback from your eyes.
3) Improve physical fitness. Its a physical work-out session.
4) Relax and Releive stress
5) Gain self confidence.


City Camping Park Cheras. Click Here to Navigate

Watch the video below for Direction

Total Package

  • Access to all 16 Targets
  • Equipments Provided
  • Ethical & Safety briefing
  • Practice range and tips
  • Professional assistance (optional)

Directions to Range

If Leisure mall cheras on your left. From there 400mt Petron and Caltex station with a burger king outlet. Watch and follow the directions.

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